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Dear Visitor,

I am happy to welcome You on my art site!
I am a freelance artist with a passion for impressionism. Using acrylic colors, I love to bring my paintings to life on big canvases.
Having been fortunate to travel the world and explore cultures and landscapes, I draw inspiration from my trips and experiences. If for Shakespeare "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players", I see the world through my canvas on which different colours and paints tell the stories of places I have been to and people I have met.
As the best way to grow love is by sharing it with others, I have shared my love for art by teaching classes at the Université Populaire du Canton de Genève and by exhibiting my work in various galleries. Perhaps you have seen one of my works during your visits to the art salons in Qatar, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, Switzerland or New York? In case you have not had the chance, you can get your own copy to enjoy at home by visiting the online shop on my site.
In addition to traditional canvas paintings I also use my designs on eco friendly bags, premium silk scarfs and stylish kimonos. If you find a design you like and would like to have an accessory using the pattern, please feel welcome to get in touch with me through the contact form.
Having been trying my hand lately on jewelry and ceramics, you will soon find new items added to the online shop giving you a good reason to visit us again!
Wishing you a lovely art experience,